Once your order is placed online, you will receive a text ETA from us within the next 15 minutes. In our general areas, our driver can arrive within 2 hours.

If you ordered during traffic rush hours on a busy day of the week, then at most it would take 2.5-3hrs but that’s the worst case scenario and we would let you know in advance. We believe our concept is the right one for the connoisseurs of this plant as we prefer having as low as possible staff members to maintain a close circle of trust as well as operate with a very low cost, thereby providing you with undeniable value with each purchase. This is a pure fact we back day after day. We never did any marketing online for this delivery to obtain more members as we appreciate the love, trust and respect we are getting from our members already. We prefer to keep this quality relationship and focus on servicing you and your friends peacefully for a long time while making this concept constantly evolving with the latest finest.

FYI: General areas / Orders made before 4:30pm will 100% be delivered in the first round of the deliveries of the day 🚗🔥